Order our limited Holiday Edition with FREE SHIPPING while supplies last. No added flavors, no infused taste, no aging in fancy barrels... just simple, pure 100% Vermont Maple Syrup. 


This beautifully designed 750ml (25.3oz.) bottle and unique gift box is filled with premium pure Vermont Maple Syrup direct from Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. PLUS 100% of all profits go to help Floating Grace - a terrific project helping area cancer patients.


- 25.3 oz (750ml) collectors Glass Bottle

- 100% Pure Vermont Amber Rich Maple Syrup

- Hand Crafted in Westmore Vermont by Old Heights Maple specifically for Grace Maple

- Perfect for an original gift, or souvenir from Vermont.

- Create a mouthwatering breakfast of pancakes, waffles, French toast, or our favorite family treat....    sugar on snow! 

- Pour over your favorite yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream and pies and help them sing with ecstasy

- Satisfaction 100% guaranteed

- Clear and uniform in color


Holiday Edition Pure Vermont Maple Syrup (750ml)