100% Profits to Charity

Founded in 2020, Grace Vermont Maple is the centerpiece which carries on the commitment that all the money it receives (profits) from the sale of all our products goes directly to charitable purposes that help cancer patients and their families. It's our main founding value and not one that was developed just to sell more products. It means so much to all of us that we can create incredible Vermont products and brands that in the end help so many people who truly need it.

Our focus for 2021 and 2022 is helping to fund Floating Grace - Vermont's first and only 100% electric boat offering a chance for guests to leave cancer on shore for an afternoon. In addition, Floating Grace offers comforting gifts including handmade quilts, throws and much more.

Your purchase helps so many people

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Floating Grace is a Vermont 501c(3) corporation with a unique and powerful mission. Floating Grace is centered around offering a day without cancer for folks that have or are currently undergoing cancer treatments.  

We offer outings on Vermont's first 100% electric-powered picnic-style boat that brings a peaceful and memorable reprieve to those affected by cancer and all who love them.

She is a unique place to rest, relax and celebrate life and family away from doctors, treatments and hospitals.