Uniquely Uncommon
Vermont Maple Syrup



MADE  in Vermont

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The most select and incredibly tasting Vermont Maple Syrup only deserves the most beautiful presentation. Our signature bottles uniquely showcase our very limited-edition, Amber Rich, Grade A Vermont Maple Syrup.

We're considered a small maple producer and we love it that way, no huge evaporators and miles of pipeline - just buckets and snowshoes, then back to the maple shack for a night or two of boiling. We think smaller is better and we're sure you'll agree!

We want to give it all back... 100% of our profits go to area cancer charities. This year we have chosen Floating Grace, a Vermont nonprofit offering cancer patients a much-deserved reprieve from the daily stress that comes with treatments and scans aboard Vermont's first totally electric boat. 

We liked their name so much that we even named our latest run of maple syrup after them - "Grace Maple"

Grace Vermont Maple Syrup makes for a truly unique Vermont gift that will say "wow that's beautiful"!

in so many ways...

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